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About Me

Hello! I am AK and I am the literal voice of this blog. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a self-taught learner with zero knowledge in IT. I have worked in the hospitality industry for the past 11 years. Although my job is more customer service based but I am always passionate about computers, internet and gadgets.

Over the years, it seems that I have neglected or limited my social life and I reckon it's payback time! I hope with this blog in a way, I would be able reach and interact with old or new friends beyond the walls that surrounds me.

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About This Blog

This blog will be the spot where I share my broad interests, thoughts, experiences and at the same time broaden my social connections. This will be the best place to get to know me and for me to leave my own legacy. I hope this blog will always portray a blast of the past, a glimpse of present and a peek of the future.

Why "The Makings of Azel Kilheeny"?
This blog will be part of my journey in this blogosphere as a novice. Being said that, I am a learner who aspires to improve, inspire to share and stays true to the passion.

Why "The naked truth of my online and offline life, stripping away my senses, my nuances and my nonsense... figuratively speaking!"?
I will use this blog to share what interests me on the web or in real life in my own way with occasional ramblings.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and I sincerely welcome your feedbacks.

More to be updated soon.

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I hope this directory will be useful to guide you through this blog and give a rough idea of what this blog is all about.

Life - I'll share my life, thoughts, and experiences here.

Tech - I'll share my interests in computers, internet, gadgets, automotive and technologies here.

Media - I'll share my interests in music, movies, tv shows, photography, photo editing, performances and arts here.

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Hi! Thank you for your interest to write to me. Please feel free to contact me directly using the form below. Thank you again for taking the time!

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